Next Slam!

Small-Biz Storytelling Slam!
Tell YOUR Small-Biz or Entrepreneurial Story!

Next event: Fall of 2013

Compete for Bragging Rights! Prizes!
CANCELLED Saturday, June 1, 2013

Download the .pdf flyer from this link now.
Your “passion” drools until your story rules. Tell your story. Stop yapping about your P-word and talk about what really goes on in your business.

Part Contest. Part Networking. Part Something Else.

Questions? See the FAQ.



“Friends and Foes”

In business, we have to deal with people all the time. It’s a dance between the familiar and the challenging. What have your relationships been like among clients, partners, families, customers, vendors or ??? Get creative and tell us a tale from your business. Prep your story to fit the theme & toss your name in the hat. You get five minutes to wow the crowd or drop the cold truth on ‘em. Let’s go, small biz warrior, bring it.
Bring your friends, the audience decides how good you really are. OR just come and be in the audience and have some fun.

CANCELLED Saturday, June 1, 2013, Doors Open 7:00PM
(Your name in the hat by 7:10. Tellers picked at 7:15. Show starts at 7:30.)

Gangplank Avondale

(That’s right- Avondale. Don’t go to Central in Phoenix. You want Avondale.)
(South of Van Buren between Litchfield and Dysart Roads)

Cost: Your donation at the door for this event.

Here is a sample personal story from the winner of our February 2013 Slam:

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