The FAQ (frequently asked questions) is a living and growing (slobbering) document. It will contain grammar and spehlleng arrors as we build it. Be gentle. Last update 04/18/2013.


[]What the heck is this thing you’re doing?

The StoryRise Small-Biz Story Slam is an evening of:

1. Personal storytelling with adults telling to adults.

2. Informal business networking. As we’re only allowing stories of business focusing especially on the small-biz or entrepreneurial or soloprenuer types – but corporate types are also welcome. They were small once, too.

3. Competing in a contest. The audience votes on the winner.

4. Snacks (some to grab, some to buy). You know what snacks are.

[]Who tells the stories?
YOU do. Anyone can tell at these story slams. You can “just” be in the audience OR you can come prepared with your 5-minute story based on the theme. You put your name in the hat. We draw 8-10 names from the hat. If your name is drawn, you get to tell.

[]What is a story slam?
A story slam is an evening of people telling their own, original and true tales of their life. In this case, it’s all about business and its trials, joys and mucking about. There’s no poetry, no notes, no reading, no musical instruments, no powdery-point-esque slides. Just you, the audience, the microphone and the story. It’s real. It’s human, It’s eye-opening. It’s funnysadbreathtakingcrazy all at once.

[]So, no poets doing def beats?
No poetry. Poets are cool. However, this is a story slam. Stories with beginnings and middles and, most importantly, ends.

[]We can talk about anything for 5 minutes?
No. There is a theme each night. You need to match the theme (which changes at each show) somehow. Connect and help us make the connection.

[]Will my kids love this?
No, they won’t. No kids. Adults..and you can bring mature teens if you want.

[]So, this slam is like 5 minute advertisements?
NO! No pitching allowed. You can say your name, the name of your business and a 1 sentence statement about what you do. If you do a five-minute commercial, the Emcee (MC) is going to announce that you are disqualified. Share your story and those who want to know more about your business will find you. Yes, they will.

[]What’s the admission money used for?
Paying the bills, promoting the event, buying fab prizes, giving to charity.

[]What’s the dress code?
Not naked. Seriously, however: What if your next client or customer is at this event? Dressing like you always do is okay. Expect diversity.


[]What are the rules for the contestants? (Short version)
1. Your story must be true and about you and your business. No third-party stories. Your story only.
2. No props. No notes, poetry, computers, costumes, slides or instruments. We provide the microphone to use.
3. Five minute stories only. One minute grace period. At six minutes and 1 second, you are disqualified if you are not done.
4. No pitching. No Selling. Tell us your story not your PR campaign.
5. Stay with the theme, you are being judged by the audience.

[]Am I guaranteed to get a story spot if I buy a ticket?
No. You put your name in the “hat” 10 minutes after the doors open. We then draw 10 names each session. Those 10 get a slot. If you have won at the previous StoryRise event, you can’t enter the next time. If you come to three events in a row, put your name in the hat each time and have never been drawn, you will be given a slot at the next event when it happens.

[]Can I get some training or help making my story?
Yes. We have free articles and videos on this site. We offer the “Five Minutes to Story Glory” seminars to teach you to creat a totally fab, rockin’ story. The workshop costs money and you can learn more at this site. No, you don’t have to take the workshop to tell at StoryRise Small Biz Slam.

[]Who owns my story?
You do. However, we will video and audio record you and your story as you tell it. We’ll be taking pictures. Your pictures, your name, you biz name, your video/audio/pictures might appear on our websites. No worries, we don’t own any porn sites. We will try to get you copies of all your media, but there is no guarantee that you’ll get them. Yeah, it’ll be on Youtube. We’ll have you sign a release form before you put your name in the hat. You can see the form at this link now.

[]What are the prizes?
There will be prizes for 1st place and for door prizes. They’ll be prizes that are business or story connected. They might be silly or they might by, “oh my gawd” good. We’ve given away office equipment and some cash prizes. Every event is different and the prizes change. Time will tell what we add to other dates.


[]Can I just be in the audience or do I have to compete?
All good storytelling events need some audience. Yes, you can come and simply be in the audience. Telling a story is an option for those who want to tell. Please join us as audience and bring your friends. The audience is also the judging panel- anonymous, of course.

[]Are tickets available at the door?
Maybe. Avoid sadness and being turned away by buying your ticket in advance. Some slams are “donation only” and don’t require tickets. Take a good look at the flyer and website to learn more.

[]There are a lot of cameras here. I don’t want my pictures or video taken. Is that okay?
It’s a hyper visual and media world, so if you don’t want to be on any media, this is not the event for you. We couldn’t control it if we tried.

[]How do we vote?
At the moment, it’s done on paper. We’re working on voting by cell phone.

[]What if the storytellers/contestants are terrible?
It’s five minutes. Don’t worry. And, after doing this for decades, we find that most people are pretty good at creating stories if they take the time to really think about it.


[]Can I be on your staff?
PUH LEEZ! We have plenty of volunteer opportunities for these events! Send us an Email, with the word “volunteer” somewhere in the subject line, to staff@storyrise.com to start the conversation.

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