Prize List for December 2012 Slam!

Prize List for December 1 Show!

Here’s how the prizes work for December! The winner of the slam gets their first choice of one prize from this list. After that, we’ll draw the raffle tickets one at a time with each winning raffle-ticket holder being able to choose from the prizes that are left. We’ll repeat this process until we give away all the prizes. Come and have some fun. There’s some nice goodies in here. See you Saturday: Get Your Tickets Here!

December 1 Prizes-So Far:

*$25 Cash ($25 Value)
You can sell this on the street for $25!

*Canon IP2702 Printer + Printer Cable ($40 Value)
Nice back up printer for small-biz people. Yeah, will throw in the cable, too.

*Free admission to a group coaching session ($19 Value)
Working on your story for the next Slam? This gives you 25 minutes of coaching in one of our group sessions. Next group-session is December 11th, but you can use your ticket for any “Advanced Storytelling Group Coaching” session we offer through 2013.

*One year free directory page at ($49 Value)
If you are a storyteller, this adds a year to your expiration date on your web-page with us.

*One telephone-coaching session with Sean Buvala ($100 Value)
One 45-60 minute coaching session with Sean Buvala. Telephone only.

*Assorted CD’s and Audio Books. (Various Values)

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