Small-Biz Story Slam December 2012.

Here’s some pics, videos and comments from the December 2012 Slam with the theme: “It Actually Happened.” We’re very grateful to all who came to the event, to our hosts at Mosaic Arts Center and our staff of volunteers. Thanks for a great night.


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In the picture: Cassandra Cushing, Sean Buvala,
Darrell Campbell, Mark Compton, Bob Reynolds.
Congratulations to our first first-place winner! Darrell Campbell of “Turtle Airships” took the first place honors (just one vote between 1st and 2nd!) and eternal glory after his story. You can see the (we know: they’re kinda low-light dark) video:

You can see the book Darrell references in the video when you click this Amazon link.

The runner-up was Bob Reynolds of “Click and Learn Software“:

Here’s an audio of one of the stories. Sean Buvala tells “Wardrobe Malfunction” in mp3.

“Great Idea!”

“A fun idea. Nice to hear new things. More-more often.”

Thanks to the good folks at Mosaic Arts Center for hosting. Thanks to volunteers that helped: Casandra Cushing, Mark Compton, Katie Buvala, Kieran Buvala, Kelsey Buvala and Michelle Buvala (yep, it’s family). Photography provided courtesy of JV93 Photography.

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